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Brandan Mitchell

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My name is Brandan Mitchell. I am a full stack web developer in the .Net Framework. After years of working in customer service and becoming a lead installer doing HVAC I've decided to take those client relations, ability to meet deadlines on time, attention to detail and troubleshooting skills and apply them to Full Stack web development. I am looking to establish myself in the exciting world of IT because I enjoy challenges, constant learning, and the advancement of technology. I took it upon myself to learn code on my own at Codecademy and after completing their HTML and CSS Courses I was hooked. To further my education I enrolled at Centriq. While attending Centriq I was able to learn SQLServer, jQuery, .Net MVC, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I am currently in the development of numerous projects listed below. If you or a company you know is looking for a new addition to their team please feel free to contact me.

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