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Brandan Mitchell


Our Team

Carter Croft

Full Stack Web Developer

Jordan Hickman

As a professional in the specialty coffee industry I have learned a lot and have grown. From quality control management, proficiency in business start ups, to educational courses with new hires and public enthusiasts. One of my best achievements was helping a business earn Best Of The Northland 3 years in a row as Coffee Roaster and Team Trainer and Quality Control expert.

Taylor Griffin

-Hardworking, passionate, and determined to continue learning and growing in the tech field-

Enrique Garcia

Full Stack Web Developer

Wes Nelson

Formerly a music major, my creativity is a big strength when it comes to my skill set. I am able to think critically and find new solutions to problems I face. I love meeting new people, I'm an outgoing person, yet someone you can really connect with.

Edward Barrier

I'm a self-motivated full-stack developer in the .NET framework. A few years ago I decided to go down the college route. I didn't know what I wanted to do, I just knew I was good with computers so I majored in Computer Science. A couple years in I decided college wasn't for me, I couldn't focus on general education classes which caused my GPA to suffer.